We’re still getting such great feedback, and positive comments from the show. Thanks everyone!
The Panini Certified Football that was supposed to be here for the show, came in on Monday. We also got in Topps Finest football, & the Leaf Best of Baseball today. I hadn’t mentioned it in any previous posts, but we have the new Beckett Baseball Almanac, or “Big book” as some call it, in our store, for those of you who have been watching for it to come out.
Check out Topps Facebook, website or twitter, for a special promotion this weekend, of their new Football product that will be coming out in January. It is called Topps Fire, and you have a chance to enter to win an entire case. Check it out!


Jared Harrington was the lucky winner of the John Elway Autographed Jersey today at our show.

Jared Harrington was the lucky winner of the John Elway Autographed Jersey today at our show.

WOW!! Our customers are incredible! The show today was so great. I think we showed Beckett just where all the best collectors live. Right here in Utah. I think we blew their socks off with all the fabulous cards he took in to be graded. He was so impressed, he asked us if he could come back to one of our spring show. Of course we said yes. We will let you know for sure, but they are planning on coming to our March show. Thanks again for all of our great vendors, and of course all of our fabulous customers. Without all of you, none of this would be possible!!


Tomorrow is the day!! The Card Show is from 10 am to 5 pm. Mike Gardner from Beckett Grading Services got into town today. He is very excited about the show, and the opportunity to meet all the great collectors in Utah. We all know that there are some great cards out there that have been pulled, and this is your opportunity to send them in to be graded. He will also have the forms to send memorabilia in to be authenticated. This should be an outstanding show, with great vendors, and prizes. Hope you have your cards ready and are as excited as we are. SEE YOU ALL TOMAORROW!!


The count down begins, 10 days until the show! Remember, it will be on September 13th from 10 am to 5 pm. Have you gathered all the cards you want to bring to submit for grading? I know there are lots of you who have pulled great cards that would be perfect for grading.
I spoke to the Beckett rep. yesterday. He has his hotel booked, and is excited about this opportunity to meet all the great collectors in Utah.
Product update. We are getting in a few boxes of the UD ultimate Hockey in today, as well as a few more of the 2014 Chrome Baseball. We will be getting the UD Flair Showcase Football tomorrow.

Football is starting!

As pre-season football starts, the football products also are coming in. We will have 2014 Topps Football Jumbos and regular packs in tomorrow, Thursday August 21st. We are also getting in a few more boxes of Panini Elite, and Prestige Football on Friday. We got in the National Treasures Basketball, we only got a case, and it will probably go fast. We are getting some new Soccer on Friday as well.


Hope you all had a great 4th of July and 24th. It’s that exciting time for sports when Baseball is heating up, and we’re only a few weeks away from the start of Football season. We have the Bowman Platinum Baseball, Panini Elite Football, and we will have Panini Prime Hockey on Monday.
We just got word that they are having the Panini Football Player of the Day promotion again this year. We will be a participating shop again this year, so “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!”


“It’s hot outside, but cool in our shop, so stop by and check out all of the new product we have! we got in the Allen and Ginter, and the 2014 Prestige Football, with both producing some nice cards. We had a few requests for the Prizm World Cup Soccer, and were able to get in a few boxes. We also got in the Leaf Football Autographed Jerseys. On Wednesday we will be getting in the Panini Preferred Basketball.
For our Magic customers, we got in the new 2015 Core Set products. We have Intro Packs, Two Player Clash Packs, Deck Builders Tool Kits, and Booster Packs. We also just got in a few of the Pokémon Krookodile EX Box Sets.
We will be OPEN Thursday, July 24th from 10 am until 5 pm.”


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