Football is starting!

As pre-season football starts, the football products also are coming in. We will have 2014 Topps Football Jumbos and regular packs in tomorrow, Thursday August 21st. We are also getting in a few more boxes of Panini Elite, and Prestige Football on Friday. We got in the National Treasures Basketball, we only got a case, and it will probably go fast. We are getting some new Soccer on Friday as well.


Hope you all had a great 4th of July and 24th. It’s that exciting time for sports when Baseball is heating up, and we’re only a few weeks away from the start of Football season. We have the Bowman Platinum Baseball, Panini Elite Football, and we will have Panini Prime Hockey on Monday.
We just got word that they are having the Panini Football Player of the Day promotion again this year. We will be a participating shop again this year, so “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!”


“It’s hot outside, but cool in our shop, so stop by and check out all of the new product we have! we got in the Allen and Ginter, and the 2014 Prestige Football, with both producing some nice cards. We had a few requests for the Prizm World Cup Soccer, and were able to get in a few boxes. We also got in the Leaf Football Autographed Jerseys. On Wednesday we will be getting in the Panini Preferred Basketball.
For our Magic customers, we got in the new 2015 Core Set products. We have Intro Packs, Two Player Clash Packs, Deck Builders Tool Kits, and Booster Packs. We also just got in a few of the Pokémon Krookodile EX Box Sets.
We will be OPEN Thursday, July 24th from 10 am until 5 pm.”


Great news!! We have been working with Beckett since they had to cancel on our last show. I haven’t made an announcement until now, because we didn’t want to disappoint everyone again. They have committed 100% that they will be at our show on September 13th. The representative that is coming is Mike Gardner. He is excited, and said it doesn’t matter if you have one card, or 1,000 cards, they will take them in for grading. You can do all of the paper work there, the day of the show. They haven’t said the exact pricing, but it will be a little reduced from their online submission form. Also, the more you submit, the better the pricing.
Please be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, September 13th, and lets show Beckett where the truly great collectors live, and the great cards that are pulled here in Utah.
Come in and see us, we have some great product on the shelf right now, with some great cards being pulled.
Last Saturday one of our customers pulled a 1/1 autograph of Dolly Madison, out of the Historic signatures packs. Hope he will post it for all to see.


More new product is arriving each week. We now have the Topps Supreme Baseball, & Goodwin Champions. We have had requests for the Panini World Cup books and stickers, so we got some of those in. In basketball, we have the Innovations, and as requested we got in more of the Crusades. We will have the Panini Prestige Football in tomorrow, and the Topps Allen & Ginter in later this week.
Hope everyone had a good 4th of July, and you’re enjoying your summer. Hope to see you all soon.


It’s that time of year! Baseball is in full swing, and the Football and Basketball products are coming in. We have a few boxes of the Bowman Football Jumbos left. We have the Panini Hot Rookies Football, UD SPX Football, & Leaf Valiant Football. We also have Bowman Inception Baseball, as well as the Panini Select Basketball. In Hockey we have the Panini Contenders, and the Super Pack. As you can see, there is some nice product, and we have had some great pulls. Come in and check it out!


To all of our customers, we are so grateful for all of you and your loyalty to our business. This post is to let you all know of a day that we will be closed for a family excursion.
Every year Grandpa, aka Mr. E., takes the grandkids to Lagoon. This year that day is Wednesday June 25th. That will make it necessary for us to be closed that day, since it involves the whole family.
We appreciate your understanding in this case, and also appreciate all of our great customers.
We often have customers say how much the store means to their family, and “please don’t close”, this truly helps us through the leaner times, knowing that it means something to others, not just us. Our customers are truly the reason we are in business.
Also, during this vacation and holiday time, we invite you to bring some of your friends and family in. We would love to meet them, and they might just enjoy the visit to a card shop like the ones when they were kids. Thanks again, to all of you.

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