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Hey everyone, hope your summer is going well. If you’re having fun and keeping cool, then you are probably winning.
Just thought I would give some updates and let you know what new product is in.
We are still working on dates for fall shows. We want to bring Beckett rep back, and we’re still working with him to find a date that will work.
Most of our new product is in Baseball. We got in Topps Tribute Baseball, and another case of the Boweman Inception Baseball. We also got in the Goodwin Champions, and the Upper Deck Champs Hockey.
We wil be open Monday July 25th, even though the parades and celebration for the 24th will be on that day.


This is the official word on Father’s Day packs. We will start giving them out tomorrow. They will be given one per family, with a $15 Panini purchase in any sport. We have to limit them because we were only given a limited number with the products that we were required to purchase to get them.
There have been several of you that have asked about a website. As soon as Mr. E. is well, that is my next project. I will let you know when it is up and running. Hopefully by the end of summer. Thanks for all your input to help us improve our service.


If you have a dad who is a sports fan in your life, we have the perfect gift for Father’s Day.  We have lots of product on our shelf right now, and starting Friday we will have the Father’s Day packs.  We received a limited number of these packs, (based on extra purchase of product) so there will be specific guidelines to get them.  A purchase will be required.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of the fathers out there.


Ok, tomorrow is the big day. The card show is tomorrow, May 14th from 10 am to 5 pm next door, to the east of our shop, in the fencing gym. We will have both gyms full of vendors, and of course, Beckett will be there so you can submit those cards for grading. I know there are some great cards out there that have been pulled in our store, and are in your personel collections.
We would so appreciate it if you would share this with all your friends so we can have a great turn out.
Thanks again to all of our great customers for making our shows and our business a success.


Hey everyone, we’re less than 2 weeks away from the May 14th show. We are so excited, and hope you all are as well.
I forgot to mention in my last post that we also have the NY Dynasty autographed baseballs in. They are always fun and such a hit with baseball collectors.
We are trying to get the word out to everyone we can that we will need to be closed this Wednesday May 4th from about 2 pm until 4 pm or so. (It may not be quite that long) Mr. E has a Dr. appointment that we both need to go to. We will have a sign on the door, just in case you come by and wonder why we’re closed. We hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience to our great customers, but hope you all understand also. Thanks!


I hope everyone is getting excited for the show. Just a reminder, our grand door prize is a Bo Jackson autographed Raiders Jersey. We are also giving away a Mike Trout autographed jersey, and a Kyrie Irving autographed jersey with our grab bags. It should be a great show, with lots of vendors, plus Beckett here. I hope you are all gathering some of those great cards you have pulled to get graded.
We got in another case of the Supreme Football for those of you who missed out and still want some, also some Series 2 Star Wars. Wednesday we will be getting in the Bowman Chrome Baseball, and the Lux Basketball.


Happy April everyone!  We have had some great product in the store, but it has been so great it’s been off the shelf the same day it comes in.  If there is a product you are waiting for, or are particulary inerested in buying, please call us and we will let you pre pay and hold it for you.
Tomorrow we have several things coming in. There is the Panini Limited Basketball, UD Fleer Showcase Hockey, and Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball, as well as Panini Diamond Kings Baseball.  The new Magic release will be here on Friday.
Just a reminder about the next show on May 14th. Mike from Beckett will be here to intake your cards for grading.  He is very knowledgeble and a great help in the grading process. If you want a table for the show, please call, it is filling up fast.
Also, there is a card show at the Valley Fair mall this weekend.

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