First, I want to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving and I hope yours is filled with family, love and of course, great food. To celebrate with our family, we will be closed Thanksgiving day.
We will be open Friday and Saturday with some exciting things happening.
For those of you who like the BLACK Friday packs, we have a limited number of them again this year. You will recieve one for every $25 spent in the store, while our supply lasts.
Also, starting friday and running until December 23rd, we are having our customer appreciation promotion again this year. We haven’t decided on all the prizes, but they will include some jerseys and a TV again this year. One ticket for every $10 spent in the store during the promotion. Each customer will recieve one free, no purchase necessary ticket.
Come check out all the great products, and get that Christmas shopping taken care of.


SATURDAY IS THE BIG DAY!  It is the day of the show and, YES, the Beckett representative will be here to intake your cards for grading.  I hope you all have been going through your cards and picking out those great cards that you want to have graded.  It promises to be another great show, with both rooms full of vendors, and some fantastic door prizes. As usual we will have some great in store specials as well.  As always, we would appreciate you all sharing this post with as many as possible.  It really helps the turnout for our shows.
We got in more of the Gridiron Kings football, and Panini Contenders Draft Basketball.  Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.


We got in more Basketball this week. The Panini Contenders Draft Basketball is here. We also got in a few boxes of the Oregon Ducks cards. In football we got in the Topps Valor, and we will get the Topps UFC cards in tomorrow.
Just a little over 2 weeks until the show, hope everyone is as excited as we are.


Less than a month until our next show.  We are gearing up, and getting so excited.  We decided to give away a Joc Pederson autographed jersey for the door prize this time.  For the grab bag prizes we are giving away a John Elway autographed Mitchell and Ness throw back jersey, and an Aaron Rodgers non autographed jersey.  Speaking of jerseys, we got in the Leaf autograph jerseys on Monday, and they are already half gone.  We got in the Topps Update Baseball, regular and jumbo packs today, and we are getting in the 2015-16 Panini Hoops Basketball tomorrow.  This will be the first official basketball product with the new rookies in it.
If you haven’t already, put November 14th on your calendar for the show.  Remember the Beckett representative will be there, so start sorting those great cards and decide which ones you are going to send in to get graded.  He’s great, and does a good job of making the process seamless.


ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? We will be starting our very popular “Panini Player of the Day” this Friday.  If you like the promotion, welcome back, and if you have never played, we think you will enjoy it. You can check out details of the promotion on the 2015 Panini Player of the Day website.
Speaking of Football, we got in the new Panini Gridiron Kings Football today, as well as the Topps complete set Football boxes.  For the Hockey fans out there, we got in a case of Upper Deck The Cup Hockey.  That will be on a first come first serve basis for those who are interested.  We also got in more of the Five Star Baseball and will have a case of the Triple Threads Baseball tomorrow.  They both went fast last time we had them in.
For the soccer fans, we got in a few boxes of the Donruss Soccer as well.


Several new product in this week, and some restock on product we were out of, but still being requested.  We got in more Bowman Chrome Baseball Jumbos, and more Panini Certified Football.  We will have more Bowman Chrome Football Jumbos on Friday.  We got in the Topps Five Star Baseball today, and we will be getting in 1 box of the Flawless Basketball Friday.  So far, no dibs on it, so if you want it call the shop and let us know.   We will be getting in the new Magic the Gathering this week, and we have more of the Magic board games that have been on back order.
We are so thankful for all of our great customers, and just want you to know how much your patronage is appreciated. Have a great weekend!


Two more days until the show.  Hope everyone is excited, and you are still helping us spread the word about our awesome shows.  Remember the great door prizes we give away, with the grand prize this time being the Kris Bryant autographed jersey.  We will also give away the Mike Trout autographed jersey with the grab bag tickets.  One of our vendors, Joe Black is giving away an Odell Beckam Jr. autographed jersey at his table.  We have lots of great vendors, we will be using both gyms again this time.  We hope you all can make it, and bring a friend!  I’m sure there will be lots of great cards to buy. Hope to see you all on Saturday.
Also, we got in the Topps Triple Threads Baseball this week.


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