Retail vs. Hobby Packs

As a kid I remember waiting in line at the cashier’s lane at Wal-mart and seeing the packs of football, baseball, and basketball cards lining next to the aisle. It was always a treat when my parents would let me choose a pack for them to buy for me. It was always exciting to see what players I would get.

Nowadays, there are still those same retail packs seen at Wal-mart, Shopko, Kmart, etc. but the card industry has changed since I was a kid to include more exclusive cards not available in those retail stores. They still provide the regular cards in their offered packs, but usually won’t have signatures and jerseys included. Wal-mart sells boxes with 20 various packs inside and claim there is a memorbilia card included. But this memorbilia card is usually not in pack and was already pre-picked to be put in the box, therefore, not the best.

Hobby packs on the other hand gives the collector higher chances of pulling a memorabilia card. This includes gold framed, signatures, dual signatures, jersey pieces, signature + jersey, and so many other fun, varied cards. Hobby packs can be found at card shops who carry them. This includes Mr.E’s shop in Orem, Utah. He is the only hobby card shop in Utah Valley with the other closest card shops in Midvale and Salt Lake City. Mr. E is obviously an avid fan of trading cards and makes sure his customers are able to take care of their valued memorabilia cards. He’ll provide cases and slips to protect these valuable cards.

Regular hobby packs can range from $3 to $24. Other high-end hobby cards are sold in boxes and can be $300-$600 with guaranteed signatures. Retail packs are still fun to grab on the way out of a grocery store, but if you want a chance to pull more special cards, visit Mr.E’s who can provide these packs and more for you.


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