Vending Machine of Cards

Vending Machine of CardsI came across this photo on Flickr today. It’s a vending machine full of cards at the entryway of the Pathmark supermarket at the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn, New York. It was taken in 2005, so I don’t know if it’s still there.

I’d have to say this would be way exciting to see in real life! But since I live in Utah, I get my card fix at my local Mr.E’s sports cards and collectibles shop in Orem.

For those who’ve never been in Mr.E’s, I’ll have to say it’s like seeing this vending machine TIMES 1,000! There’s cards all over the shop in boxes as well as binders stuffed in the shelves. In addition to the cards, there’s jerseys hanging in the shop from the likes of Troy Aikman and LeBron James.

There’s balls signed by teams and players such as a basketball signed by the NBA Jazz team. It’s feels like being in a museum full of sports collectibles. It’s great that you can come away from it with a pack or two (or more) of cards and be able to pull a memorabilia card and have it be a part of your own sports collection. Begin your own collection with Mr.E’s!


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