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UVU Review published an article about Mr.E’s Sports Cards and Collectibles! Read it here: Mr.E’s deals the cards to sports fans. Or read it below!

Mr.E’s deals the cards to sports fans

By Britnee Nguyen

You’re a sports-loving fanatic and it’s the summertime, which means it is downtime for many professional and collegiate sports. What should you do to pass the time while you wait for them to start up again?

Collecting sports cards and memorabilia is how college students are still able to enjoy sports during the off-season in the summer. As the only card shop in the Utah Valley area, Mr.E’s Sports Cards and Collectibles serves the community and students with a varied selection of sports cards and amazing memorabilia. Mr. E has current and past cards from sports leagues such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NASCAR and MLS.

There are two ways to collect sports cards at Mr.E’s. One way is to buy a pack of unopened cards. These vary in price and the amount inside of each pack, but many of them have the chances of pulling an autograph or memorabilia card at a low price. When you buy a whole box full of packs of cards, then you are guaranteed to pull an autograph or memorabilia card.

This is a fun way to enjoy the hobby, but others choose to just buy the exact cards they want from Mr. E. He sells many cards that have the player’s autographs, jerseys, or both included on them and are from several popular players in every sport like Kevin Garnett, Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith. Other autographed items at the shop include game balls, jerseys and pictures.

Mr.E himself is in the shop every Monday through Saturday helping customers find their favorite player’s card and other items. This past Saturday he held a card show at his shop where many dealers around the area came to buy, sell, and trade cards with the public. Raffle drawings and door prizes were given which included Troy Aikman’s autographed jersey, Alex Smith’s autographed jersey, an autographed basketball from Utah Jazz players, and boxes of Topps cards.

Card shows are a fun time to gather with other sports enthusiasts and collect cards while chatting about the latest news on players and sports leagues. Mr.E holds card shows every two months and when you visit his shop, he can put you on the mailing list if you want more information on future card shows. If you are a sports fan, check out his shop to see all the treasures he possesses.

For more information:
Call: (801) 224-6677
720 S. State Street in Orem


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