Upper Deck Draft Edition 09-10 Available

Michael Jordan

With 10 cards per pack and 16 packs per box, the 09-10 Upper Deck Draft Edition is now available at Mr.E’s Sports Cards and Collectibles. In this set, you can find autographed cards of the 09-01 Draft Class as well as basketball stars like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, OJ Mayo, and Magic Johnson.

There are on average 4 autographs per box including one multi-signed card per case and all autographs are sequentially numbered. Every pack contains a numbered parallel card, signature, or an insert. Highlighted inserts include:Stephen Curry

Alma Mater Autographs

School Ties Autographs

Coaching Legends Autographs

Tournament Titans Autographs

Draft Class Autographs Varied

Rookie Autographs

You can collect the entire 200-card regular set! If you would like to buy a pack or box, go contact or visit Mr.E’s who has plenty!


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