Sports Collectors Daily Writes About Mr.E’s

Today, I stumbled across this posting from Sports Collectors Daily who wrote about Mr.E’s sports card shop in June. Go to the article here or read below!

Utah Sports Card Shop Keeps it Fun

Tuesday, 09 June 2009
They’re hundreds of miles from the nearest Major League Baseball or NFL stadium, but Utah sports fans still gravitate toward the latest cards at one small shop.

Sports cards aren’t dead in Utah either.

Rodney Eastman is owner of Mr. E’s in Orem, Utah, is enjoying his retirement from the U.S. Postal Service while running his shop.

The store is small, but the customers are loyal. Eastman makes sure to have as much new product as possible on his shelves, since it seems both kids and adults are still hunting those elusive autographed chase cards.

Eastman also has a diverse inventory to keep customers coming in, but sports cards remain his bread and butter. And yes, he’s still a collector with too many cards to count.

“I’m sharing my hobby and people are sharing their hobby with me,” he told a reporter from the local newspaper who stopped by to check out the action.