Great news!! We have been working with Beckett since they had to cancel on our last show. I haven’t made an announcement until now, because we didn’t want to disappoint everyone again. They have committed 100% that they will be at our show on September 13th. The representative that is coming is Mike Gardner. He is excited, and said it doesn’t matter if you have one card, or 1,000 cards, they will take them in for grading. You can do all of the paper work there, the day of the show. They haven’t said the exact pricing, but it will be a little reduced from their online submission form. Also, the more you submit, the better the pricing.
Please be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, September 13th, and lets show Beckett where the truly great collectors live, and the great cards that are pulled here in Utah.
Come in and see us, we have some great product on the shelf right now, with some great cards being pulled.
Last Saturday one of our customers pulled a 1/1 autograph of Dolly Madison, out of the Historic signatures packs. Hope he will post it for all to see.


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