First, a great big THANK YOU to all of you who were able to attend the show.  It was a great show, and again, you blew Beckett out of the water with your response, and great cards.  He even mentioned bringing a grader some time, which they usually only do at very large shows.  You are great!!
New product this week.  We got the Topps Tribute Baseball in today, and tomorrow we are getting in the Leaf Metal Draft Football, Topps Opening Day Baseball, and more of the Topps Supreme Football.
If any of you have pictures of you with your prizes from the show, please post them here or on our Facebook page.  Thanks to all of you who shared the information about the show, I think it really helps spread the word.



Only one week left until the card show. Hope everyone is excited, and getting your cards ready to send off to Beckett to be graded. We hope to have a great response, so Mike will continue to come back to our shows in the future. Your support is greatly appreciated.
New this week, we have the Panini Spectra Football, and the Topps Museum Football. We should have the Topps Supreme Football in later next week, if it ships on time.
Thanks for your continued support of us and the hobby, we appreciate all of you. Please share the information about our show with all of your friends, we are grateful for all your efforts to help spread the word!