Sorry it’s been so long since I have given any news or updates. We’ve had some family issues that have kind of monopolized my time.
Hope everyone had a great holiday season, and the new year is treating you well. We have scheduled our spring shows. We have one on March 12th, and one on May 14th. Please let Rod know if you are interested in a table. Beckett is looking at the May show to come and do card intake again.
We have had lots of great product, and still have some great things on the shelf and coming soon. Magic The gathering Oath of the Gatewatch releases tomorrow. The new season of baseball cards will start coming in the first week in February. We have the new 2016 Garbage Pail kids in. We were able to get another case of the 2015 Panini Select Soccer for all of the soccer fans out there. We have the Totally Certified Basketball, as well as the Court Kings Basketball. We were also able to get more of the Hoops Basketball. We have Panini Contenders Football, as well as the Crown Royale.For the Hockey fans, we still have some of the Trilogy Hockey left.
I will do a seperate post for the winners of our customer appreciation contest. I know it is kind of slow in coming out, and I apologize