Mr.E’s shop is located in Orem, Utah and has been offering sports cards, memorabilia and other collectibles since 2003. This shop is the only one of its kind in Utah Valley. Mr.E has sports trading cards ranging from football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey as well as NASCAR, celebrity cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and other collectible items.

Photo by Mark Johnston

A panoramic view of the inside of Mr.E's

Location: 720 S. State St. Orem, Utah

Map of Mr.E's


4 Responses

  1. Do you have any job openings? and if you do will you hire a fourteen year old?

  2. I am new to this area and have about 25 hundred baseball and some misc other sports cards to sell. Are you interested or can you give me the name off buyers in this area please?

    • We don’t buy much right now. We have over two and a half million cards ourselves, and we have been a little slower, since it is summertime. We do have a show on September 13th that you could bring some to. Depending on what you have, some of the vendors there may be interested. There are shops in the Salt Lake area, but they don’t buy much either. Your best bet may be ebay, KSL, or Craig’s list.

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