Card protector Sheet Update.

Since this site was started, a few things have changed. Our card protector pages have gone up. The 9 pocket pages, the most popular, are now $22 for a box of 100. You can also purchase them in smaller quantities for 4 for $1.00.


High-quality sports card protector sheets available here!

This Savvy Shopper forum had a lot of people asking where to buy “baseball card protector sheets” around the Utah Valley area. A few mentioned Mr.E’s Sports Cards and Collectibles as the source to get protector sheets. Mr.E’s does indeed sell card protector sheets for either 25 cents a sheet, or $22 for a box of 100 sheets. The brand is Ultra-PRO Platinum Series which is very durable and high-quality. What makes it so great is that it is strong because of it’s heavier material compared to others and it also provides UV protection. It is also PVC free which mean there is no acid contained in the sheets. Once I bought card protector sheets from the Provo K-mart and I noticed how much more flimsy they were and thin compared to the ones the Mr.E’s sells. So I only buy sheets from Mr.E now.

If you’re in need of high-quality sports card protector sheets, check out Mr.E’s located at 720 S. State Street in Orem, Utah. He also sells other protective cases for individual cards. This includes varied plastic cases to fit autographed cards and thicker ones for the jersey cards. He also has very nice cases that come apart to set your card in and snap back together with a magnetic piece. Some of these cases also provide UV protection, so it’s a good idea to use these for your more valuable cards. The nice thing about Mr.E is that when you buy packs with a guarenteed jersey or autograph inside, he typically throws in the protective cases for free. He also sells hobby, collector binders as well. Mr.E is well-equipped all the sports cads lovers needs with protective cases, sheets and binders.