Card Shows

Card Show: Please call our shop to find out when the next card show will be at Mr.E’s. At these events, several local card dealers and collectors gather together to buy, sell and trade their cards. In addition, everything is 10 percent off that day in Mr.E’s shop. The card show is free and open to the public with raffle drawings and giveaways.

Reserving a personal table costs $30. For more information call Rod at 801.224.6677.

There are always drawings and giveaways! In the past, prizes included an autographed Troy Aikman jersey, Alex Smith autograph jersey, Utah Jazz autographed basketball, LeBron James jersey, and baseball card boxes. Don’t miss your chance to win other great sports memorabilia at Mr.E’s next card show!

Photo by Mark Johnston

Shelves of boxes line the shop of Mr.E’s


5 Responses

  1. Notify me of upcoming card shows please

  2. Just curious, is the date for the March card show set at this point? The Beckett site shows that you have a show on March 19th, though I am not sure how up to date that is

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